-How much is the cost?
The complete course tuition is 1050.00 for regular
Managers for 1-4 Beds
This fee is broken down into 4 components.
The Basic Manager (1-4 Beds)course is $695
The Med Tech Training is $250
The CPR and First Aid $80
Infection Control Blood Born Pathogens $25

The 80 Hour Managers Course Is $995 (does not
include Med Tech or CPR/1st Aid)
If you have CPR/1st Aid or Med Tech Training, or you
are a RN or LPN, you will not need to take the Med
Tech training, or CPR/1st Aid.

-How can I get started?
You may contact our office to speak to a program
consultant to arrange  an appointment to come in to
our office to get registered.  You may register over the
phone if it is more convenient.

-Do I have to pay all the money at one time?
Most persons pay the full tuition up front, however
some persons who are anxious to get started, but do
not have the full amount,  may speak to the program
director for possible options available for you to get
registered.  Click more FAQ 2
-What does the Beyond Care Program provide?
The complete comprehensive training to be
licensed as an Assisted Living provider in the
State of Maryland. Managers of 1-4 beds or
Managers of 5 or more the 80 Hour Manager's
course Classes include: (
check list)

How long does it take to complete?
A person can complete the training in 3 to 5
weeks; But how long it takes you is up to you.  
We don’t tell you when to come to class; You
select the dates and times that fit your schedule.
You have 3 months to complete the course.
We hope that this addresses
some of the concerns you
might have.  We look forward
to assisting you in your
endeavor to open your own

Contact us at
Phone: 410-410-484-6480
Fax: 410-484-2310
-When are classes held?
Each month a new schedule of classes are
produced. Some classes are scheduled in the
morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the
evening; Classes are scheduled on weekdays,
Saturdays, Sundays, and even Holiday classes
may be scheduled.

Where do classes take place?
Most classes are held at our Liberty Road
location in Baltimore in the Woodlawn area.
Some training may be in Pikeveile MD, some
occasions as requested at a licensed facility
location.  The calendar will always note the
location of the class, if not at our Liberty Road
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