-Do you help with the paper work?
You will be fully trained in all the documents,
policies and procedures  you must develop and  
submit for licensor approval. You have the option
of completing all required documents yourself or
you may contract for your documentations to be
completed for you.

Do you place clients in the facility?
Not as a part of your training package. Our
course includes training on how to market your
facility to get clients or to connect with an agency
that does provide placement services.  We do
receive request to place individuals and we seek
to place them with providers we have assisted in
getting license.
-Do I have to get the house before I start my training?
NO.  It is advised that you start and or complete your
training so that you  will know what is required of the
residence you plan on using.  You may use the house
you live in or any other property owned or lease. You
will need to complete your training so that you meet
the requirements to submit your application.
-Can you send me a schedule or calendar
alendars are sent to persons registered in the
Beyond Care program only.  Once you are
registered, you receive the calendar of classes
and other events on a regular basis and in the
method you choose (mail, fax, or email).  You
may, however, speak to a program assistant to
get the date of a particular training to get started.
We hope that this
addresses some of the
concerns you might have.  
We look forward to
assisting you in your
endeavor to open your
own facility.

Contact us at
Phone: 410-281-9616
Fax: 410-281-2196
Do you assist in help with developing business plans?
Our program provides a an outline for our providers to
develop their own business plan or they may contract
the program to develop the business plan and all the
finanicals that are required
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